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The Filipinos like Airsoft shooting. The local airsofters are like a big family and welcome everybody who likes to join the game. If u like u can find some shooting ranges here in Cebu (Mactan Island).Mary's brothers Allan and Jojo are member of different Teams. One is fighting for the 'Claws" and one for the Team "LTD".

Don't hesitate, just ask us, and we can arrange that you will be invited.

Airsoft guns and rifles are legal but they have to be registered and properly used.

You can find several shooting areas and shooting ranges in Cebu and Mactan Island and of course shops where you can buy your airsoft gun or rifle. Read who is allowed to carry guns in the Philippines.

Airsoft Shooting tournaments

What I like while watching the skilled sportmen are the tournaments, as most of them are held outdoors in the fields in natural terrain. Nice to have a reason to see different places while following the airsoftshooters from tournament to tournament. What a luck that Mary's brothers keep us informed when the next airsoft shooting tournamant is being held, as sadly the official information's are quite less and hard to find even in the internet.

If you are one of the airsoft sportsmen you might like to upgrade your equipment with Zparts.. While searching for more tournaments I came acrosse their website and found out that they have quite a great selection of airsoft gun parts.

zparts Logo

You can visit their site right away or jump over to our short introduction of Zparts at our Philippinesbest BLOG.

Talking to Allen and Jojo about upgrading their weapons of choice those parts are on their bucketlist. Zparts are made in Asia/Taiwan and have quite a reputation as they are innovative and precise and the best of it they are pretty much affordable and suppliers have them on their top lists as well.

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