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Mary and KlausHere, you do have lots of space to introduce your business. Make people’s mouth watery about your ideas and products. If you wish I can do that for you. (No extra fee). You just need to tell me what is your business about and I will find the right phrases to get the visitors attention.Your advertisement will be placed at a spot on this website where it is most effective, not just in a database which is maybe not interesting and doesn’t have lots of visitors at all.
This makes it very efficient for your business. Just interested people will have a close look. There is almost no restriction what kind of business you can present, but we do not like adult content.

Where else you can place your Advertisement. 365 days 24/7? I don't issue receipts because you can donate whatever you like.

Just to give you a picture a simple 3 line advertisement in the newspaper will cost you at least 25 USD for 7 days if you are lucky.

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