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Forest Cebu Tops





Trekking and more

People who like the combination between nature and adventure have to join the offers of the Planet Action Team in Moalboal (Cebu-Island). Also Children will like it. And the prices are fair.
Adventures include Mountain Bike Tours locally or a field. Trek to active or non-active volcanoes on climbing tours, or cool of with the ever-popular River Climb Tour, or explore stalactite caves with unique rock formations, or repel jungle waterfalls on the Canyoning Tour. Or a leisurely Trekking Tour of the surrounding mountain sites

Visit here for more Action.

Archer Lessons from an Expert in Cebu

Cross bow adventure for Kids and Adults. We recently discovered a new leisure time Adventure for the whole family in Cebu. Have a look at our Archery Cebu page to read more about it.

Outdoor sportfishing

Sportfishing in the Philipines is quite an adventure as well and anglers are welcome from all over the world. Fortunatly there are still good fishing grounds and people who know where to find them. Blue Sky Sportfishing is our recommandation if you are coming to the Philippines.

Play Golf

Playing golf in the Philippines is easy. Several Golf courses are availabe in different Cities. Of course also in Cebu. I found this helpful link golfing Philippines. So i do save time and you will get the best information's you deserve.

Play Tennis in the Philippines

The Haruhay Dream Resort offers more than just accommodation in Lapu Lapu City, Cebu Philippines. Their Tennis court is open for those who like to play tennis. Don't forget your tennis rack and/ or your tennis partner. You can meet the players of the Haruhay Team at Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Play tennis in the Philippines at Haruhay Dream Resort.

Go-Kart Tracks in Cebu and Mactan Island

Have some fun with your family and drive some rounds at the Go Kart tracks in Cebu City or at Mactan Island.

Catamaran sailing and diving - rent a Yacht

If you like something really special that's the link you are looking for. If you like you can rent a yacht at the Cebu Yacht Club.

Parasailing / Jetskiing



Of course, the most activities are based on the water which is surrounding all this paradise islands. The Philippines offers plenty of activities in Aqua sports.

Jetskiing, sailing, fishing, bananaboat riding, windsurfing, swimming and lots of other offers u will find next to your location.

Do you know what is aqua sport without getting wet ?’s Parasailing. Join a flight and have a wonderful view over the islands. The price for 30 minutes is between 1200 and 1800 Peso. The same as for Jetskiing or Bananaboatriding.

And we can asure you, you will not become wet at least not much :)

Swimming with Dolphins

Swimming with Dolphins take a look at this page.

More pictures in higher resolution can be found here

More about Family Adventures and sports you can find here.

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