Cultural Dance Philippines at Mactan Island

Culural Dance PhilippinesAs plenty of different native toungs, as plenty are the differences in the Philippines dance. The best way to learn more about it, is joining one of the offered cultural dance shows, which are presented by several Hotels or Restaurants.

The best Restaurant on Mactan Island , where you can enjoy a journey through all the cultural different regions of the Philippines, is The Jungle. It is the second best option after booking cheap airline tickets and going on a national culinary tour! You can really enjoy the flavors and styles of many regional dishes here, cooked with authentic and delicious flair. Not to be missed! (follow the link at the right)


Viva Las Vegas a colorful Event at Mactan Island

Another great Event is the Las Vegas Show located at Basak Road right in the center of Mactan Island. The show is as colorful as you can imagine. The entrance fee 100 p are worth it. So is the menu with a wide choice of meals, which will be served during the show. The first show starts at 7 PM and the second one will entertain you at 9 PM every day.

Viva Las Vegas Viva Las Vegas


The full set of pictures can be viewed here.

The Stage is perfectly arranged, lighteffects and audioquality are astonishing. Just don't miss it, even if you think that might be the number of gays dancing is a kinda too much.

You can find some additional information's about the Philippines culture here.

If you look for ladies, you can find them in the same building. The Chilli Pepper dancers and a SPA are waiting for your visit as well.

uups... was i allowed to mention about the Chilli Peppers.. :)

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