Mactan Island Tambuli Beach Resort

To find a place for you is easy. And you can choose between all categories. The rates for a double-room are between 2600 and 12000 Peso p/night. You can find small Pensions, Hotels, and Beach Resorts in different qualities. The Plantation Bay Resort is like the paradise within the islands paradise of the Philippines.  A Luxury Class Paradise, where you can chill out, and experience the quietness of the silence in a wonderful landscape. And of course you will find lots of high class offers too. The Spa is well known for the special treatments and well-arranged places where you can join the services. The different styles of Restaurants offer a wide range of the world’s cuisines. Klaus was impressed especially of the way, how they placed the different apartments. The buildings never disturb the view and representing different cultural architecture. The staff is very professional and guides you discretely through all your needs. And even for Day trippers, the Plantation Bay is a must, when you are visiting Cebu.

Tambuli Beach Resort is a good choice in the middle range of accommodations together with the Porto Fino Beach Resort. Both located in the southeast of Mactan Island. From their beaches you can see the Island Orlango. The room rates are 4000 Peso. Breakfast included for two.

As of now Tambuli Beach resort is closed.

Nobody actually knows when it will be reopened. There are different rumors, that it might be just renovated or totally rebuild in a different style. Just lets hope that the place won't be eaten up by high structures. If yu still want the flair of Tambuli, you can book Tambuli Beach Resort at Bohol.

Tambuli Beach Resort is quieter although there are roosters too, who wake you up in the morning. Portofino is more frequented by Filipinos, who are spending their Weekend there and having fun with their families. And there is always one who makes it noisy. Actually even the Restaurant bothers you with a big movie screen and noisy music. But anyway we liked to be there on the New Year’s evening, because from there you have the best view at the Firework of the Shangrila Resort which is located close by.

Shangrila Beach Resort and Abaca Resort

Shangrila Beach ResortA 5 Star beach resort which we don't like to afford but well known as it seems. For those of you, who like a highly secured privacy should stay in the Abaca Resort which is located at Punta Engano Mactan Island. Just 6 luxury Apartments and an exclusive anterior and just the Abaca Restaurant is available for the public. A real discovery which we made on Mary's Birthday. There are some more Hotels and Resorts, and you need not really worry about to get an accommodation on Mactan Island.

Beach Resort Vista Mar

Beach Resort Vista MarThe Vista Mar beach resort is a good choice for families. The entrance fee is 350 PHP including to use the facilities like the swimming pool. They also do offer affordable room rates for the day use and if you like to celebrate a special occassion together with friends or family, you should avail the Package for 900 PHP. The menu is rich, native food including ice tea. Our family often goes to the Vista Mar beach resort. Enjoying the 2 Swimming pools or the clean beach.

Hadsan Beach Resort Mactan Lapu Lapu City

Hadsan Beach ResortThe Hadsan Beach Resort is located close to the Imperial Palace Beach resort in Maribago. But instead of being expensive this resort is quite affordable. One can rent small huts and have a beautiful tropical beach for just one day, or if you like you can rent room and stay some days.

Costabella Beach Resort Lapu Lapu City Cebu

Costabella tropical Beach ResortThe Costabella Tropical Beach Resort is located close to some other Beach resorts in Maribago at Mactan Island Cebu. The room rates vary from 6000 - 9000 PHP. During promo periods 4500 PHP. It is very quite and no disturbing surroundings at all.

Costabella tropical Beach Resort

The beach at the Costabella Beach resort is very clean and the water is crystal clear. The Palm trees providing some shadow and one can spend quite a nice time there.




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