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Ring of Fire PhilippinesLiving on the Ring of Fire sounds thrilling. Indeed the Philippines Islands are located on the Ring of Fire and are part of an active volcano chain in the Pacific Ocean. It is far away from the nervous hustle and buzzle of other tourist strongholds. Actually the typhoons and the monsoons are some of the more exciting events which have to be faced from time to time. Small earthquakes can happen daily and we are a reminded of our closeness to nature. Most earthquakes in the Philippines can't be felt. It sounds more exciting than it is, but it's just actually quite normal for this part of the world. Thank God that most are not as strong as they could be .

Mary and KlausKlaus ( that's the guy left in the picture) is a German Journalist, Photographer and Consultant for economy questions, he has been living in the Philippines since November of 2006. Mary ( that's the awesome lady at the right in the picture) and Klaus would like to tell the world something about what they are going to discover. Taking some nice pictures and add some more information in this private travel guide about the Philippines, which of course are very personal.

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We do like the Philippines that's why we have published this private travel guide. It's just an additional information to the already existing once in Wikipedia or in some others Web sites. We like to be your private travel guide through the Philippines. Find some more Pictures in our Gallery. Get the latest news about changes at this site and about which travel and immigration Information's have been added or changed.

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We try to collect information's about small nice clean private pension houses and resorts in the Philippines. At the right navigation bar we placed additional links to places who offer affordable room rates.

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Immigrate (migrate) or retire in the Philippines

We also gathered information's for those of you who like to immigrate or retire in the Philippines. This is why we do desrcibe the Philippines in our very own clear speech. It is not all about to travel through the Philippines that's why we try to draw a pretty clear picture for those who like to live and work or retire at one of the Philipines Islands. We describe the living here as we do experience it. We do not like to paint everything in pink, just as if it would be a general travel information. Living in the Philippines and visiting the Philippines is a different pair of shoes so we try to inform you, what you can expect if you want to stay here for good. Which are the requirements for a successful immigration and where and how to get the paper work done. Immigration is not that complicate to the Philippines but there are rules which one has to know. Read about the different visa for the Philippines.


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